Fleet Management

Fleet Management


Fleet Management

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A brand new SaaS product I was responsible for developing at Novatel Wireless. The back end was largely repurposed from Ctrack's existing fleet management system, but we designed an entirely new front end and product definition to address the needs of small and medium sized business in North America. The system is designed to monitor all the vehicles in a fleet, provide location, driver behavior, status, dispatch jobs to the drivers, communicate with them and allow the fleet manager to optimize his operation with the use of many reports.

The system introduced a new type of dashboard that provided the fleet manager with relevant information at different times of the day. This way, the fleet manager did not need to search for data, or interpret long reports. Instead, he got what he needed, when he needed it, without him having to do anything to obtain it. The system was comprised of a responsive web and mobile component for the fleet manager, and a native iOS and Android mobile app for the drivers.

I was responsible for product management, roadmap and for working very closely with my UX team to design a unique and very easy to use user experience.

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