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Accomplished visionary and strategic-minded product executive with over 20 years of experience with demonstrated success in driving performance and achieving superior results across world-class technology companies; demonstrated expertise in all core business functions from strategic planning and software development through product definition, user experience design, development, QA, marketing and deployment.

Insightful inventor and product developer in diverse areas such as consumer products, construction, automotive and others.

Author of a history book and many articles.

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Software Development

Key Professional Accomplishments

  • Led the design and development of the GoPro App for mobile and GoPro Studio for desktop, which were downloaded over 27 million times providing a complete virtuous circle ecosystem of hardware and software leading to increased camera usage and sales.

  • Managed the development of video editing capabilities for GoPro Studio, used to create over 45,000 videos a day resulting in increased camera use, viral dissemination of content and increased camera sales.

  • Played key roles in user interface design, documentation, design of demo videos and product management for Gryphon Software’s Morph, which received major media coverage launching the company to worldwide fame and resulting in millions of dollars in revenue from over a million copies sold.

  • Served as critical member of a team that created and implemented a groundbreaking, brand-new line of multimedia edutainment products, the Gryphon Activity Centers, resulting in key licensing agreements with Disney, DC Comics and others and leading to almost doubling company revenue.

  • Implemented techniques for the encoding of audio and video in the Activity Center products enabling large resolution video in PC applications for the first time and leading to the development of an entirely new line of products, two of which sold over a million copies each.

  • Selected as recipient of multiple honors and awards which contributed to increased company exposure and revenue.

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BYTE Magazine

Award of Excellence

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UCSD Connect

Most Innovative New Product Award

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DISCOVER Magazine Awards for Technological Innovation


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Pixar’s Renderama Contest

Third place prize


Software & Information Industry Association Codie Award

Best Business Application: Graphic


Software & Information Industry Association Codie Award:

Best Business Application: Best Personal Creativity Program

Eddy Statuette

MacUser Magazine Awards Editor’s Choice (Eddy) Finalist:

Best Desktop Diversion

Eddy Statuette

MacUser Magazine Awards Editor’s Choice (Eddy) Finalist:

Best New Special Effect

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New Media Magazine’s InVision Contest

Bronze Award

Product Developer


Product Development

Wilensky Imagineering Invention

Wilensky Imagineering is a product development agency focused on the creation and development of new product ideas. Industrial design and proof of concept prototype engineering.

  • Develop
  • Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • User Experience

We are currently trying to license is an innovative new type of stand for tablets that allows the user to read or watch movies on the tablet hands-free while lying down on his back.

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My main topics of interest are philosophy, history, science, critical thinking, epistemology, education and cognitive science. I am concerned with the proliferation of belief in the supernatural and bad thinking. I write about the pernicious consequences of superstition, fuzzy thinking and lack of education, as well as the need to greatly enhance our cognitive abilities through systematic training in critical thinking, logic and memory. I believe that to make the world a better place we must put a lot more emphasis on education (including morals and ethics) and increase our reliance on science as the best epistemological tool at our disposal.

Six Million Crucifixions

Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust is a book that traces the history of antisemitism in Christianity and the role that played in the Holocaust.

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